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Which “Ambassador” Little Library do you want for Detroit?

MONTANA Ambassador Library

Decorated to represent Big Sky Country and seeded with signed editions from Montanan authors.

ALASKA Ambassador Library

Decorated to represent the Great Land and seeded with signed editions from Alaskan authors.

Meet the Alaska & Montana authors showing Detroit some LOVE

Contest Details

How Donations Become Ambassador Little Free Libraries

When you donate to the Indiegogo crowdfunding project, you can pick a “perk.” For example, if you pick the Alaska LFL perk, your donation will count toward making sure an Alaskan LFL gets planted in Detroit

You receive an email request for ideas for decorating the library and a photo of the Ambassador Little Library you helped plant in Detroit.

There\’s a minimum aggregate donation level that must be reached for each Ambassador LFL so the charity project doesn\’t lose funds. (Libraries aren\’t cheap to build, install, and maintain.) If that minimum isn\’t met, donations will be directed toward the general mission of Detroit Little Libraries.

For Authors

It is our hope to promote an inter-state mutual-aid sensibility with Ambassador LFLs. We believe that when authors from one state give to a project encouraging reading in another, there\’s a special pay-it-forward karma for everyone. Flowery words…but we kinda believe in them. To participate, authors pledge to mail at least one signed edition to our headquarters the 2nd week of November. We\’ll email the address. They agree to be publicized on our website, Facebook, Twitter and other media outlets and to reciprocate by directing their networks to the Ambassador LFL from their state. If you\’d like to participate, just EMAIL US. PS: The more authors from your state who participate, the better the chances that a your state\’s LFL will get enough donations to reach the minimum level for planting. So pass this along to your network.