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Cindy Dyson-McGlenn, Montana

Founder Kim Kozlowski's Note to Friends

On the one-year anniversary of Detroit Little Libraries, I want to thank the scores of people who have helped make Detroit the fasted growing little library city in the country!

It has been such a rewarding year for me personally that I want to spread the good vibe by offering to let us others join our efforts as Friends of Detroit Little Libraries!

In the coming year, we will be expanding our efforts to position little libraries in book-poor neighborhoods, areas in which city libraries have been closed, and in areas with low literacy rates. We will also be working with other organizations to maximize our impact.

And we will be actively recruiting volunteers. With more than 100 libraries and an expected 100 more this coming year, we’ll need all the help we can get!”

As a library friend, you will be a huge part of making this happen. And, most importantly, increasing access to books and literacy in Detroit!