Little Free Library in Gil Thorp comic strip

This week, the Little Free Library will appear in the storyline of Gil Thorp - a comic strip appearing in 50 newspapers across the country.

For those unfamiliar, Gil Thorp has been published since 1958 and features a Milford High School athletic director who coaches the teams football, basketball and baseball teams. The comic storyline is sports-oriented but also tackles contemporary issues facing teenagers.

Thanks so much to my Detroit News colleague, Neal Rubin, who has been writing the comic strip since 2004!


  1. Roslynne Crawford

    Thanks for this comic! Wonderful. All the little free libraries around the world applaud you!
    - From TheLittle Librarians, Roslynne and Tom Crawford
    at The Stoney Creek Dairy Little Free Library,
    50 Brentwood Drive,
    Stoney Creek, ON L8G 2W8

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