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313 Donation Showdown: Alaska Way Ahead

Three days into the competition…

to raise money to for Detroit Little Libraries by planting an Alaska and/or Montana state-themed Ambassador Little Libraries in Detroit….

Alaska is way ahead in donations with $115 to Montana’s $0.

Today we focus on Deb Vanasse, who wrote a beautiful post about Detroit Little Libraries today.

Deb visiting a little library in Alaska

Deb writes, “Let’s…focus on one simple precept: the power of the book to transform. Then extend that to an entire community that’s taking on the big, big challenge of transforming itself through the power of books. That’s Detroit’s Little Library Challenge.”

Thank you, Deb. Well said.

I read Deb’s most recent novel, Cold Spell, over the summer and loved it. She captures landscape in a way that’s new to me in fiction. Not with flowery romanticism, or that tendency to use nature as metaphor for the human soul.  But with an honesty about how people use the landscape for what they need when they need it. Landscape for personal growth.

Except when the landscape rebels.

Get the book For Deb’s beautiful writing. For her characters, who really try to be normal. And for the Glaciers.

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